FOREIGN COMPANY IN PAKISTAN : Pakistan is emerging as a new paradise for the investment by any foreign company. Pakistani market is a good destination for a foreign company to invest because of the liberal investment policy and reforms of the pakistani government . Currently there are operating over 600 foreign companies in pakistan . Some of the reason that contribute towards the increase in investment from the foreign companies in pakistan are the :

Security of investment from the Pakistani government is the major reason for any foreign company to invest in Pakistan moreover the stability and predictability of Pakistan's economy and availability of the liquidity for the foreign companies , opportunities to expand the infrastructure and availability of Cheap labour in Pakistani market help alot in attracting the foreign companies for investment in pakistan.

Above all these the Large and growing domestic market that include 140 million pakistani consumers with growing incomes and a growing middle-class moving to sophisticated consumption attitude can entice any foreign company to invest in Pakistani market. Foreign companies are currently doing business in the following sectors and helping to boost the standards of pakistani market and economy.

Chemicals and cosmetics 
Automotive and transport
Food and beverages
Financial services 
Energy and water
Banking sector

The Areas of investment where great prospect are present for the foreign companies are agriculture, textile, telecom and IT, energy sector, service industry, construction and building. Any Foreign company looking to invest in pakistan have a simple procedure to follow , within 30 days of the establishment of its place of business in Pakistan the foreign company is required to submit the following documents to the concerned Registrar :

Certified copy of the charter, Memorandums and Articles of the foreign company. 
Address of the registered or principal office of the foreign company incorporated outside Pakistan
Address of the principal place of business of the foreign company in Pakistan. 
Complete list of the Directors, the Chief Executive and Secretaries (if any) of the foreign company 
Particulars of the principal officer of the foreign company appointed in Pakistan 
Particulars of person(s) resident in Pakistan authorised to accept services on behalf of the foreign company.